The Studio

estudioOCA is an international landscape architecture and urban design studio dedicated to the creation of vibrant social and sustainable landscapes. Working at the intersection of landscape, urbanism, and ecology, the studio’s international background brings an appreciation of the landscape and natural systems, along with an understanding of the complexities of urban space.

Our approach to design is simple; we critically explore and research each project, exposing the inherent characteristics of a site. Building upon extensive American, Asian, and European project experience, we combine contemporary landscape theory with local knowledge and history, creating successful, contextually sensitive landscapes and urban spaces. Sustainability is at the core of estudioOCA’s identity, we are knowledgeable on the most current applied technologies and practices related to landscape architecture and urban design. We integrate ecological, social, and contextual elements with professional enthusiasm and dedication to produce outstanding landscapes.

estudioOCA works from studios in New York, Barcelona, and Bangkok, and is led by Ignacio Ortinez and Bryan Cantwell. The studio’s work has received worldwide professional recognition and has been published in numerous books and magazines internationally.

Ignacio Ortinez

Ignacio Ortinez has more than 25 years of professional experience in landscape architecture and landscape contracting throughout United States, Europe and Asia. He established the estudioOCA offices in Barcelona in 2007 and Bangkok in 2010.

His combined background in landscape architecture, entomology, horticulture and sustainable agriculture has a strong professional influence in his work. The applied ecology, and the study and research of sustainable natural systems, plays a fundamental part in the conception of his projects.

Ignacios' landscape architecture design work and professional experiences have been published in numerous books and international publications. His project experience include a wide variety of projects, ranging from public works, hotels/resorts, parks, waterfronts, housing, hospitals, green roofs and private residences, to sustainable planning & development type of projects.

Bryan Cantwell

Bryan Cantwell has 20 years of experience, working at both a local and international scale. His work focuses on the integration public space, infrastructure, and ecological systems, with projects spanning a broad range of typologies, including urban design, public parks, waterfront development, and transportation and bicycle infrastructure.

Locally, Bryan has performed considerable work on public projects, including the Emeryville Marina and the new School for Landscape Architecture at U.C. Davis. Internationally, his work includes a new public park in Barcelona, a 55 acre on-structure landscape for sixty 30-story residential towers serving 15,000 people in Zhuhai, China, and prototype cultural centers to be used throughout Chile. Most recently, he led the design for a floating mixed-use village in a central Bangkok waterway, containing 43 housing units, 58 separate retail buildings, a museum, and a one-acre park, all built atop floating structures.

Bryan’s work has been widely recognized and published internationally, leading to estudioOCA being included in the Top‘ 5 to Watch ’by the UK Landscape Institute in 2012, and has been an invited critic to design reviews at leading universities.